League Options for finishing the season


Per USBC rule changes, we can modify how the season finishes. Each league does not need to finish on their scheduled night. Teams can also bowl unopposed.

Here is my suggestion: If your league has 4 weeks left, schedule a time to come in that works for your team. You can then bowl 1, 2, 3 or all 4 weeks in a row to complete your season. 9 or 12 games might be a bit much for most, so you could schedule 2 different times.

Our summer hours are the following: Wed 11am to 8pm, Thursday 11am to 9pm, Friday/Saturday 3pm to close and Sunday 3pm to 8pm. We will also accommodate any other time that is available for your team to bowl. We will keep all the recap sheets and give to the league secretaries to complete. If this poses an issue, Stoney could also enter the information into Bowling League Secretary.

We understand it is now almost June and some teams may not want to finish the season. At this point, we do not feel it would be right on our end to make teams finish. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 shutdown was not expected and has messed up a lot of things for all of us. So, if you decide to not finish, please contact your league secretary or the bowling center.

Quite a few teams want to finish, and I assume some do not. If you choose to not finish the season, you will be agreeing to forfeit your games. We also do not feel that it would be right to make you pay for bowling and the prize fund if you are not finishing the season.

As a lot of you probably know, we decided to move forward with the remaining renovations that we planned on doing this Summer. We are about 4-6 weeks from total completion. However, we do have the center completely functional. We also went forward with more upgrades to the pinsetters and are ½ way done with that as well.


If there is any chance at all that your team could finish the season, we would really appreciate it as the hit in revenue was a big one being closed for 2 months. We are in this for the long haul, hence the reason to continue with the renovations. We do appreciate everyone considering finishing their league season, if possible.


Thank you,


Doug & Lori Davidson and Staff